On Wednesday, 12th July, 2017, at around 7pm, John Rees-Evans gave the following speech to a crowd gathered in Westminster.


Thank you so much Dom, and Nicole! I’m so grateful for the kindness and loyalty that so many of you have shown tonight by being here. I know many of you have come all the way from places like Wallasey and Wales, and Yorkshire! I know that some of you have paid for expensive train fares and hotels to be here in London. Thank you so much. It really means a great to me.

Now I’ve invited all of you to this meeting tonight to discuss the future of UKIP, and frankly it’s a huge issue. I feel that we’re at a really critical junction in our history as a party, and so, while I’ve done my best in preparing what I want to say to you tonight, to keep this talk as short as possible, the reality is that it’s just not going to be possible within the 10-15 minutes that I had hoped that I would be able to discipline myself to.

I’m afraid what I’m about to discuss is going to need half an hour, so please do your best to bear with me. But we’re recording all of this on LiveStream and we’ll also try to get up a properly edited video quite soon. So, if you feel the need to step out for a smoke while I’m talking, I honestly won’t mind. Please just relax, and feel completely free to do whatever’s comfortable for you.


So anyway, apart from of course being incredibly supportive and loyal people, I suspect the majority of you are actually here because you want one particular question answered: What is UKIP’s purpose, and how do I propose to serve the party in helping to fulfil that purpose?

This is frankly the most important question that we are all faced with today as a party. Because last year, I think Brexit came as a surprise; something that probably felt too good to be true and which we were not prepared to look beyond. So rather than capitalizing on our success and pushing forward to the next objective, it seems to me like we just stood still and stared for much too long, disbelievingly.

And so we were not ready with a compelling, inspiring, nationally unifying message. And we allowed our more experienced opponents to set the agenda. And the Tories – both those inside in the Conservative Party and also those in UKIP – were ready with their message; the message that UKIP had done its job and no longer served any useful purpose.

But while it’s obvious that none of us agrees with this verdict, or we wouldn’t be here tonight, are we ready to give an answer to people that ask us the question, What is UKIP for, seeing that we’ve already won Brexit and we can now expect to leave the EU?

Now before I give you my answer, I want to look at the context of where we find ourselves today, politically.

Because the British people are patient and longsuffering, and while these are great Christian qualities, and it’s admirable to turn the other cheek from time to time, there is frankly nothing in our value system that says that we’re supposed to let ourselves be walked all over. And we are being walked all over.

We have a government whose salaries we pay and who we elect, and who therefore are morally supposed to make decisions that primarily serve the interests of the voters in this country. And yet they clearly don’t.

The government is supposed to defend us. And if they’re too weak or incompetent to defend us, they’re certainly not supposed to prevent us from defending ourselves and voicing our objections while they leave the door wide open to people from who knows where, some of whom are avowedly hateful of our way of life and our customs and values.

The government is supposed to defend our rights to harness our own natural resources. They’re certainly not supposed to give away our fishing waters, or repress businesses from enjoying growth or employing people, by on the one hand enforcing stringent regulations and high taxation on British businesses, while allowing foreign-owned multinational mega-corporations to sell to themselves across our borders, feign low profits in their shell companies here in Britain, and effectively make most of their profits tax-free abroad.

The government is supposed to defend our free speech and safeguard our liberty of conscience. They’re definitely not supposed to arrest Christian veterans in Bristol for preaching out of the very same texts in the Bible that form much of the basis of King Alfred’s Common Law, and to which our modern legal system owes so much.

But you know, we could dwell on the details of various injustices and provide endless evidence of how oppressively the modern British state treats our people. And when wanting to rouse you all this evening and try to convince you that UKIP is indeed still relevant, it would have been a very simple matter for me to have worked through all the safe, uncontroversial UKIP policies that have appeared in all our manifestos, and to liberally litter this address with impassioned assertions that we should be fighting vehemently for all these things at national level, and that that should be our purpose.

And I suspect that in the very short term we’d all feel pretty good about being united in wanting to press forward together and achieve all these changes. And in a sense, there’d be nothing especially dishonest in my doing this.

But doing so would logically be of very little value and I fear, would be an insult to your intelligence.

Because to those of you who have your eyes open, those who recognise the globalist agenda, those who understand how government actually works in modern Britain, something has no doubt become glaringly obvious.

And that is that it almost doesn’t really matter what policies we promote at national level. Putting pressure on the government to adopt a certain policy or even to make a manifesto pledge, usually means little or nothing.

Because the two party state has long ago reached the conclusion that as long as they continue to present us with the illusion of choice, they can get away with taking the British public for a ride. All they need to do is make some empty promises they know will be popular with us and we, the decent, honourable, trusting people of the United Kingdom will take them at their word and vote them into power.

And once there, what they do is reliably predictable. Either they deliberately break their promises with impunity, if they can get away with this, or if they know they can’t, they contrive to prove that they somehow don’t have the power to keep their word.

Or else they manouevre themselves into positions of deliberate weakness, from which it becomes impossible for them to honour their commitments to the British people.

You see, Britain’s system of allegedly representative democracy has been so cynically abused for so long, that it is now actually broken. Parliament is no longer representative, nor democratic. Parliament treats democracy like an annoying obligation. The majority of our politicians are condescending elitists to whom the notion of ordinary people making big decisions that affect the life and future of this nation, is both anathema and absurd.

Last year, at the very same time that the British people voted to regain our sovereignty and our right to determine our own destiny as a nation, the people in Parliament who pretend to be there to fight for what we want, campaigned against us by an overwhelming ratio of 3 to 1.

So far was the will of the ordinary British people from that of the political class, that the people won Brexit in spite of millions of pounds of tax-payer funded propaganda being spent on trying to scare us out of our wits; and in spite of a generation having been propagandised – again at tax-payers’ expense – through a pro-globalist, Marxist indoctrination system, that we’re supposed to accept as an education.

Take away the years of propaganda and the millions spent trying to manipulate our opinions, and I’d wager that the British people would have voted for freedom in the very same measure that our so-called representatives voted for our continued bondage.

So yes, it’s obvious, and something that no honest and reasonable observer could deny, that Parliament simply doesn’t believe it works for us, or that our opinions matter. But rather, it thinks that we, the people of Britain, work for them and that the tens of millions of people in this country should be made to bend their wills to the will of a few hundred.

But do you know what? There is a party in Britain whose very name is an unforgettable reminder of its undying commitment to fight for the true, uncompromising, enduring independence of the people of the United Kingdom.

Never forget that we are the United Kingdom Independence Party, and as such we would be remiss and negligent not to go on fighting with all our heart and all our courage and all our intellect, until we have secured for many future generations to come, the genuine independence of the people of the United Kingdom from every form of anti-democratic domination, whether foreign or domestic.

Freeing ourselves from the EU, from the shackles of a foreign tyranny does not mean that the people of Britain have completed their quest for independence, as long as we continue to remain under the domination of a domestic tyranny; under the control of our own home-grown elites who refuse to honour our will and deliver our lawful demands.

And if you think tyranny is too strong a word, how is it not callous and cruel and oppressive to allow this country to be filled with so many workers, that wages are driven too low to pay the bills and mortgage; and housing is in such short supply that there’s nowhere for already dangerously overcrowded residents to go while out-of-date tower blocks are properly and safely renovated or replaced.

Is it not cruel and draconian and totalitarian and tyrannical in the extreme, that in the case of a sick baby whose life its parents desperately want to save, that the state can declare that it has the power over life and death and that the parents need to bow to its iron will.

Some people are confused about what UKIP exists to achieve. Well in my mind there has never been any confusion. UKIP is the champion of genuine, lasting, meaningful independence. And the people of Britain will never have this independence that UKIP was created to secure, until we have a legally binding mechanism in place whereby the will of the free people of Britain may be directly and effectively imposed upon their servants in Parliament.

This is UKIP’s raison d’être. And if I genuinely believed that any of the other sincere and hard-working people likely to stand for leadership of this party understood how to achieve this, I would unhesitatingly stand down and support their campaign. But sadly, I see no such thing.

Instead I see them pushing to promote various important issues that are indeed close to many of our hearts, but which will not actually change anything, no matter how loud or passionately or persuasively or angrily we shout about them.

It is a waste of time and money and our being mercilessly persecuted by the political class and mainstream media if all we do is obsess ineffectually about secondary causes, and use the opportunity of a national political platform to wax eloquent about the various bees that we have in our bonnets.

No, if we carry on like this the very best we can expect to achieve will be that the government will adopt a handful of our policies for a few months to neutralize us as an electoral threat, before reneging on every inconvenient commitment they’ve made, the very moment they’re elected into Westminster. We’ll be slashed back down to 2% in the polls, and the government will again laugh at us from behind their hands, for giving them our free-of-charge political market research services.

If we refuse to strategize, if we choose to be driven only by emotion, if we only seek to be edified by rousing orators whose words resonate powerfully with us, but who have no power to actually change anything, then we might as well stop being hated, and worrying about bricks being thrown through our windows by propagandized youngsters, and quit our pointless political pretensions.

No, if we really care about Britain we need to secure real change. And the only way we’re going to do this is if we go straight for the jugular.


Fighting for policies is frankly, so 20th century. In an age of such accomplished professional liars, the only way we’re going to change anything is if we force government to change the way decisions are actually made.

And the only way to do this is by championing Direct Democracy with even more fervour than we ever championed Brexit. Because once Britain has a system of Direct Democracy at government level, then the people actually become the government. And so we then get to have everything that we hoped we’d get when we won Brexit but which, right now unless everything changes radically in the way that I’m advocating, we know full well we are never actually going to get.

We get to legislate in such a way that will make the people of Britain – not the parasitic elites who want to siphon our wealth offshore – but the honest, decent, hardworking people of Britain, strong and prosperous. And we’ll achieve this by securing genuine personal liberty, legally enforceable Democracy, and the uncompromising rule of law for all. This is what the British people want, and if we put them in control, this is exactly what we can depend on them to give us.

Now please don’t be frightened by what I’m saying. I am not proposing a revolutionary insurgency or the dissolution of Parliament, or anything that would threaten the excellent, ancient and venerable institutions with which our nation is endowed.

Quite the contrary. Our nation’s constitution – from at least the time we had to coerce a wayward elitist sovereign into signing Magna Carta 800 years ago, through the 17th century where we blocked the absurd ambitions of kings who believed in their divine unaccountable rights, and instead declared our own rights in 1688 as the free people of this realm – our constitution has long guaranteed the sovereignty of the people of Britain to rule themselves. The Act of Settlement and our Bill of Rights make it abundantly clear that Parliament is only sovereign insofar as it represents the will of the people and governs by consent.

But as long as Parliament instead governs by contempt, I accuse Westminster of insurgency, of revolution, and of the usurpation of constitutionally accorded powers away from the people of Britain and effectively into the hands of vested interests, globalists and anti-democratic elitists.

The Direct Democracy revolution that we are starting today should therefore be understood to be a patriotic counter-revolution, whose purpose is to repatriate powers to where they belong.

And if you have any concerns about what it will look like once we achieve it, you need only cast your minds back to 23rd June, last year. Our referendum on our membership of the EU was an incredibly successful, peaceful act of Direct Democracy, in which we showed Parliament who was really boss, in which we imposed the democratically expressed and constitutionally protected will of the British people, on the government.

And there is absolutely no reason why the British people could not far more quickly and at virtually no cost – and indeed potentially even at profit to the nation, once we get non-political advertisers on board – there is no reason why we could not get a referendum on whatever the people want, provided they feel strongly enough about it to engage a sufficiently large percentage of the population and exceed a minimum participation threshold on each issue.

Once we get such a system, the government will become truly accountable. They will become our servants. They will have to explain their work in transparent ways that ordinary people understand. They’ll have to give us clear choices. And in many instances where the issues are minor or convoluted, we frankly won’t be interested, we won’t surpass the minimum participation threshold, and we’ll just let them get on with it.

But where bills are being passed that substantially change the social, moral or cultural character of our nation; or commit us to tax-payer funded atrocities against foreign innocents on dubious premises; or which impoverish future generations of our grandchildren for the short term personal political or financial gain of some ambitious traitor in Westminster, then yes, we will be able to rein in Parliament and tell them in no uncertain terms, Enough is enough. We’re taking control.

So, there it is. There you have the answer to the question, What is UKIP for? Quite simply, God willing, in a few years’ time history is going to record that, beyond Brexit, UKIP’s legacy was to impose in perpetuity the democratically expressed will of the British people on the government, and forever transfer the reins of power from a contemptuous elite into the hands of the Great British people, where our Constitution actually demands that it should forever reside.

So, that is the mission, and I hope it is one that every honest patriot in this room can all enjoin, and behind which we will all firmly unite.


But the fact is, words are cheap. If I were being pitched this concept as a business idea, I wouldn’t yet be convinced. Because as important as factors like the big idea and timing and opportunity are, anyone who has any experience of materializing a concept through the creation of a business or some organization knows, success is primarily about execution.

And I learned many years ago, beyond any doubt, that it is utterly foolish and counterproductive to subcontract somebody else to pursue your vision for you. It never works. The contractor will provide all sorts of sincere assurances that he gets it, that he truly believes in the vision, and that you can count on him to implement everything that you intend. But unless its his vision, the project will inevitably die a painful, expensive and grievous death.

So since there’s only one man in this country that I would trust to have the vision, the commitment, the tenacity, and the resilience to drive forward this mission to its completion, and since he has already made it very clear that at this particular time his duties lie elsewhere and it is impossible to divide his focus and still achieve what our nation is depending on him to achieve for us all, I myself reached a firm decision a few days ago.

I have decided that I will be standing to contest the leadership of the United Kingdom Independence Party.


Now look, you’re being incredibly patient with me and I ought to draw things to a conclusion, but before I do, I think many of you are going to be going home tonight, or to your overpriced London hotels, thinking to yourself: yes, I’m totally onboard with that mission. That makes sense. It is true that we’ll never have real freedom until the people are in control of their own lives; until the government does our bidding, and not vice versa. But how on earth does this character expect us to achieve all of this?

So of course, this is absolutely something I want to discuss with you all in detail. Therefore, from next week I aim to create a series of videos in which I’ll be breaking down my plan into small, easily digestible chunks of detail. I’ll be sharing these videos on social media and if you believe in what we’re fighting for, I’d ask you to please share these videos as widely as possible.

Then, from 31st July, I intend to begin a road trip as far north as Scotland – with Mr Coburn’s permission, of course – and as far west as Northern Ireland.

I want to travel throughout the country speaking to any groups of members who are interested to hear my ideas, and in these meetings I want you to please share your own ideas with me, ideas drawn from the diverse and valuable experience of life that you all have.

But very briefly, to give you just a little taste of my plan before we finish tonight, I should tell you that I want to implement four distinct but inter-dependent programmes. I call these UKIP Direct, UKIP Connect, UKIP Media, and UKIP Affiliate. I’ve designed these programmes to hopefully achieve everything necessary to transform a party like what UKIP is right now, into a highly disciplined, effective and professional organisation capable of winning seats in local councils, in Westminster, and of ultimately becoming the government of the United Kingdom.


So in a nutshell, UKIP Direct will ensure that every policy that the leadership fights for at national level will already have been debated and deliberated by as broad and eclectic a range of minds and backgrounds as any policy in any party in any country of the world.

And when advocating our policies publicly, not only will the leadership and our spokesmen have the confidence of knowing that each policy has been proven to be resilient to the scrutiny of thousands of down-to-earth patriots, but that it will have been developed, honed and enhanced such that it has received the stamp of approval of the united party membership.

We will never again risk being out of touch, of being badly advised by self-declared experts, or of claiming, one day, that we’re so laid back about law and order that we don’t really mind seeing animals flailing around in agony while they die a slow, terrifying death, because the government is too politically correct to ask certain slaughterhouses to kindly prove that they’re being run as humanely as reasonably possible; and then completely schizophrenically turning into incorrigible fascists just a few weeks later and saying that we want annually to look up certain little girls’ dresses.

I’ve already designed UKIP Direct and the incredibly talented Chris over there has already coded it and made a beautiful, user-friendly website. I’ve secured full funding from a very small handful of patriotic donors that share my vision. So everything has been paid for, and it’s ready to be launched without any delay. All we’re waiting for is the little detail of a clear statement and a constitutionally enforced contractual commitment from a leader, that he actually believes in and will relentlessly promote the concept, of transferring decision making powers from a small handful of our own elites meeting behind closed doors, to the UKIP membership.



Now for UKIP Connect, I want to engage and activate as many of our members as possible in a way that fully exploits each member’s skills, background and experience. So, imagine something a bit like an online dating website. Apparently UKIP has email addresses for 83% of our members, so it’s a convenient fallacy to pretend that only a couple of thousand of us know how to navigate our way to the Internet. And while old-school techniques will always be valuable and necessary to win elections, and those who are not on the Internet will always have the means to get fully involved with the life of the party, the simple reality is that our swiftest and most enduring means of future potential growth lies in our harnessing the incomparable power of the Internet to engage and empower current members, and recruit future members, people who have a great deal to give but who until now have not seen any useful outlet for their skills.

UKIP Connect will offer an outlet for every conceivable campaigning skillset. Each member that we encourage to make their way to the site will be asked to create a profile in which they rank themselves against what is currently 21 different campaigning criteria, such as leafleting or door to door canvassing, or things like writing letters to newspapers, Freedom of Information Act requests; public-speaking and debating, or creating videos and websites.

They’ll also be asked for a little background biographical information, and to detail in what capacity they are potentially willing to serve the party, if called upon to do so. And they’ll be asked to input the location of a nearby café or restaurant where they are willing to meet other UKIP members.

As participation in the site grows, we will quickly build up a picture of all our prospective candidates for local council and national elections, and we’ll be able to browse a GoogleMap of where these people live.

So, imagine that Debbie wants to stand for election to Westminster. She’s great at public speaking, but she doesn’t have a website or know how to make videos. Now rather than feeling alone and unsupported and unresourced, and knowing that head office cannot possibly cater to her demands for support as they’re already deluged with similar demands from all over the country, all she’ll have to do is login to UKIP Connect and browse the map and she’ll find other members within a few miles who perhaps share similar interests and who know how to do many of the things she doesn’t know how to do. And of course, these new friends may want to start their own local campaign saving a nearby library, a campaign that would actually benefit from Debbie’s support and which will at the same time actually enhance her own Westminster campaign. So effectively we get a symbiotic transfer of skills and effort.

You see, UKIP is never going to win seats in Westminster or become the government until we have a formula for effective civic engagement in every constituency in the country. UKIP Connect will allow everyone to work largely independently of the leadership and will massively increase motivation of members, which in turn will accelerate recruitment, draw substantial funds into the party, and achieve far more of genuine transformative value in local people’s lives than any other political party is currently achieving in Britain. As such, we’ll become more electable than anyone else.

You know, I’ve knocked on several thousand doors in many constituencies throughout the country, and time and again, I get exactly the same message wherever I go. People tell me they’re not interested in politics because all politicians are exactly the same. They say they don’t hear anything from us for 5 years. We totally ignore them during this time, and then hey presto, just a couple of months before an election we’re supposedly all of a sudden interested in what they want, and we really care about them and want to help them.

People are not stupid. The only way we’re going to win is if we are campaigning all the time, working every day to change people’s lives. And this truth is responsible for the fact that while we only averaged 1.8% of the vote nationally last month, Tim Aker’s team in Thurrock won a massive 20% – because his people actually show that they care all the time, by engaging deeply within the community there.

So imagine Tim Aker’s local campaigning techniques, with 50 times the manpower, in every constituency in the country, and you can begin to see what effect I intend UKIP Connect to have.

Now, again, I am sorry to go on for such a long time, but I really need to conclude with some remarks which I think are incredibly important, so thank you for your ongoing patience. And in addition to that, I’ve lost my place amongst my notes, so please talk among yourselves…

So anyways, we were talking about UKIP Connect and UKIP Direct… so if a prospective candidate fancies themselves as a competent politician within their Connect profile, we’ll be able to see how persuasively they contribute to debate and how convincingly they engage fellow members, within their UKIP Direct contributions.

In short, UKIP Connect will leverage the almost infinite potential power of motivated, voluntary activism to achieve massively more than we’ve ever achieved in the past, but at a fraction of the cost.


Moving swiftly on, UKIP Media will involve having a core mobile team of skilled videographers, editors and presenters, who will also have a training responsibility to disseminate the basic elements of their craft to volunteers throughout the country, who in turn will use them to enhance the impact of local campaigns, subject of course to the editorial oversight of the core, but growing central media team. And do you know even right now there are people here in this room who are capable are constituting the basis of this operation.

With UKIP Media we’ll take control over our own messaging. We’ll be putting out high production value, compelling, shareable content on a daily basis. And we’ll be saturating social media with our messaging. So, gone will be the days that the mainstream media will be able to distort our message and deliberately misconstrue what we stand for, because while they’ll no doubt continue to try, since more people now get their news through social media than through the BBC, frankly, we’ll soon become more prolific than them, and viewers will pretty quickly identify the obvious disconnect between what’s coming out direct from the horse’s mouth, and what the mainstream media are trying to get away with.

Essentially, we’ll be exposing them as fake news outlets until such time as they eventually realise that they just can’t get away with their lies anymore without looking like the dishonest obfuscators that they generally are. And remember, utilising the output of UKIP Direct, all our messaging will be of more convincingly proven appeal than the rubbish that focus groups feed the mainstream political parties and our appeal will increase exponentially.


Now finally, UKIP Affiliate is how we boost the finances of the party while obtaining and leveraging the support of some of the most influential people in their communities.

UKIP Affiliate is a very attractive and user-friendly directory, that I’ve already designed a prototype for, of businesses owned by UKIP members and which is accessible only to fellow subscribed UKIP members. These businesses agree to offer a 10% discount on their services to fellow members that approach them via the website. Of this 10% reduction, half is donated to the party, while the other half reduces the cost of the purchase to the buyer.

Members will want to prioritize using UKIP member-owned businesses, ahead of alternative competitors, for two reasons: they save money, and they fulfil their patriotic duties! And of course business owners will want to join UKIP because doing so will give them access to a growing captive market. Everyone’s a winner. And in my experience, if we can get business owners onboard, while we obviously wouldn’t expect them to disclose their political loyalties to their standard clients, nonetheless, when the gaffer is a Kipper, very often, many of the workers eventually end up being that way inclined also.

Basically, we need to get away from the culture of absolute dependency on donors. Some of them are truly great patriots and incredibly generous, and I am very grateful to be in a dialogue right now with a small handful of donors who are as ardent exponents of Direct Democracy as I am, and who have felt this way for several years, and who are very keen to serve our country using both their incredible resourcefulness and creativity, and in some cases, even a bit of their hard earned cash as well.

But notwithstanding this being so, it is a terminal error of judgment to allow ourselves to become beholden to whoever holds the purse strings. So we absolutely need to become financially independent, and the implementation of UKIP Affiliate, together with the enhanced engagement and consequent growth in recruitment that UKIP Direct and Connect will deliver, we really can achieve financial independence.

And you know, something I’ve always found to be true, is that people who have the greatest need because they are frankly the least disciplined in financial matters, are also the least likely to attract the interest of major investors, or in our case, donors. On the contrary, where a donor sees excellent stewardship of resources, they are far more likely to want to get involved and transform something good into something truly great. So let’s get this party on track, and I am supremely confident that some of the most powerful patriots in this land will very soon want to join forces with us.


So, in closing, a final reminder to those who are still tempted to think that we should become a pressure group, pushing one particular agenda or another: if we fight with all our might to advance Direct Democracy in UKIP, as our appeal grows and we draw in support from amongst the masses of unrepresented people in Britain, when we start winning seats and Direct Democracy is implemented at national level, then the government will no longer be able to resist the people’s will.

And once this happens, the British people will finally be able to obtain everything they’ve always wanted, everything that is rightfully theirs; the right to make their own laws, the right to prioritise their own national interests, and the rights to say and think and do whatever they like, as long as they harm don’t harm anyone. Because once the elites are no longer pulling the strings and the ordinary people of this country are empowered to express their democratic will; then backroom influence, bribery and cliques will mean absolutely nothing.

So in a sense, what I am saying to you is seek first Direct Democracy and we’ll subsequently get all of these other things relatively effortlessly, and not just adopted by government as temporary policy, but actually implemented into the statute books where they’ll be changing people’s lives for the better.

So, the time for pleading with the government is over. It’s time now to rise up and be heard.

It is time for you to be the government.